Hi, I'm Rachel Bowler. 

I’m a UK-born-and-raised model, adventurer, body-positive warrior, content creator and the storyteller behind this blog.

Outdoor adventure, self empowerment and creativity truly fills me up, and I’m super excited to connect with you – and hopefully inspire you to live intentionally, be your own cheerleader and explore this beautiful planet.

A few years ago I was living in a country village in England as a dental nurse. But it left me unfulfilled. That’s when I decided to leave the security of my 9-to-5 to pursue modelling fulltime.

Modelling was my first passion but after a few years I still longed for something more. I was really young, restless and a little lost. I had a burning desire to journey beyond what I knew, and a fire in my belly to rebel against the boxes the modelling industry was trying to put me in – “Just loose 5 inches off your hips and you’ll be perfect.”

Taking my life into my hands I booked a single solo flight to Australia, where I experienced how empowering solo travel can be. I found my happy place and I’ve continued to adventure around this beautiful earth ever since. Standing on a mountain summit at sunrise, experiencing the tranquility of an alpine lake or swimming in the surf at sunset is what I live for!

Meanwhile, I am trying to do my part for body positivity, personal growth and self-empowerment. I’m just a little bit obsessed with self-love right now. It’s something I feel our society desperately needs more of at the moment. The media, social media and fashion industry can seriously screw with our minds, particularly young ones – which is why I try to be an advocate of realness and rawness. We simply do not need to change our bodies because of unrealistic beauty ideals.

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